New four-piece dreamscape pioneers Ålesund started 2018 with a bang. Comprising of Bristol scene stalwarts Alba Torriset (Toyface); Lloyd Starr (Madilan); Paul Hopkins (Little Thief, Sam Green and the Midnight Heist); and Carlos Coronado, they’ve been playing together on festival stages for 3 years under the moniker ‘Alba’. A change of direction has lead to the creation of ‘Ålesund’.

Their first single Shift & Flux was greatly received by fans and critics. Produced by Jake Bright (Mary Spender, Doeray, Kate Stapley, Svelte, Future Dub Orchestra), their forth coming EP also titled Shift & Flux is a collection of beautifully crafted songs with a sparse, Nordic undercurrent. Immersive sound; rolling drums; intricate guitar work; and soaring vocals, Ålesund are an atmospheric force from the trip hop heartland that create expansive, emotive and exhilarating sound worlds.

Flawless production, exquisite vocal range and graceful atmospherics...‘Shift & Flux’ might very well be the best song we’ve listened to this year. - Tap the Feed

There’s a film not yet made, for which Ålesund haven’t yet composed the award-winning score. But it must happen in the future... - Bristol In Stereo

Alba Torriset - Vocals and Keys
Lloyd Starr - Guitar + Synth
Paul Hopkins - Bass
Carlos Coronado - Drums

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24th Jan - Rough Trade, Bristol supporting Richard Spaven